About Me


Hello beautiful people! I'm D Jerome Smedley.

Just to keep from rattling off a whole biography here are just a few things I want you to know about me:

1. I have been shooting since high school and have loved it ever since. 

2. I am blessed with an amazing Proverbs 31 wife/VP of the company

3. When I'm not shooting and editing, I'm reading, practicing and cooking! (It's relaxing...sometimes) 

4. My primary focus is portraits, weddings and special events. We give everyone the freedom to be themselves. 

5. I have been featured in Munaluchi Bride, Black Bride Magazine, Birmingham Magazine, B-Metro Magazine, and many other publications. I've also done work UNCF, SCLC, The City of Birmingham and many companies and organizations.

6. My best work is my next work! So let's get to work! 


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