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"Photography became my voice, and I've been screaming with it ever since." -D Jerome Smedley, 2013

Never is this more accurate than in this collection. 

The DJS Collection is our chief photographer's collection of his most personal, various black and white artwork. Originally trained as a black and white visual artist, Mr. Smedley works on various art projects throughout each year, each project dealing with a different subject he is passionate and creative about. His favorite medium is black background with strong light sources and deep contrasts. Some of these pieces are available for sale. For more information, email us at djeromesmedley@gmail.com. Locked galleries are for participants and patrons only!  

We are accepting castings for different projects. To submit yourself for a particular project, email your contact information and 3 recent photos (2 body photos and 1 headshot, if submitting for an artistic nude/body specific photoshoot please submit at least one swimwear or underwear photo PLEASE DO NOT SEND NUDE SUBMISSIONS NOT EVEN FOR NUDE CASTINGS, camera phone photos are accepted). Submit to djeromesmedley@gmail.com and the subject line is the name of the project. 




This is the most personal project I have ever worked on. I have been working on my Breast Cancer project for over 10 years. It's dedicated to my mother and aunt who had battles with the disease. It's sweet and simple: pose with our Pink Gloves and do a dedication to whoever you want or to everyone in the fight. I do two versions: 1 for DJS and 1 for Miele (Lingerie?Implied/Topless) look. You will get a copy of the photos and 1 retouched image with your dedication. We collect donations for the sessions with all the proceeds going to Pink Topps to help in their efforts to help breast cancer fighters and survivors. You do not have to submit photos for this, just send your contact information and let us know when you want to shoot! Email us at djeromesmedley@gmail.com and enter the subject line "Fight On"! 


(To be completed by late October 2018)

Working on a black background strong light shoot similar to the Sports Illustrated Body Issue images. Looking for athletic men and women for this project and some to pose together. Must be comfortable in their own skin. Submit contact info and photos to mieleglamourphoto@gmail.com.Also contact us to see examples of images.


( To be completed by late October 2018)

Similar to the athletic project but with more bodyscape lighting style and more sensuality than the first one. Open to all body types and once again for men and women. Once again, must be comfortable in their own skin. Submit contact info, headshot and swimsuit/underwear photos to mieleglamourphoto@gmail.com


(2-3 More Subjects Needed to be completed by late October 2018)

The Lily Noir project is near and dear to my heart. It was one of my mother's favorite flowers and  my hardest project to complete. I am almost done but am in need of a few more subjects, one male and a few more females. Must be comfortable in their skin but not a requirement. To submit for this one(contact info, headshot and body shot) or to see samples of the projects, contact me at mieleglamorphoto@gmail.com. 

To inquire about a purchase, email us at djeromesmedley@gmail.com 

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